Goorin Brothers Hat Shop


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FullSizeRender_1On Monday, I fell in love with a hat shop.

Starting a new job in Center City Philadelphia, I stepped outside my office to take a coffee break and discovered that right next door there is an amazing hat shop that suited my need for playtime.

Goorin Brothers in Philadelphia is a true gem and allowed me to play dress up for a little before I had to get back to work.

FullSizeRender_2From fabulous fedoras, to classic bowlers, to newsboy hats and even a feather bar, Goorin Brothers has it all.

Not only are the hats well made and extremely fashionable, but also give the store a beautiful vintage decor as hats line the shelves from floor to ceiling.

Cassel Goorin started the company in 1895 in Pittsburgh, customizing each hat to each individual customer. From there the company was taken over by his two sons, thus becoming “Goorin Brothers.” Ever since that initial start date, Goorin Brothers served as a community gathering place in each city the shop was located. While going through some ups and downs through generational style influences and “the wants and needs” for hats, Goorin Brothers is now back in action thanks to Cassel Goorin’s great grandson.

According to the Goorin Brothers website, “Goorin Bros. is focused on bringing this personal level of genuine interaction back and making hat wearing relevant again.”

FullSizeRenderAnd I can say I had nothing short of this same experience when I checked out the Philadelphia location this week.

The “shopkeepers” (if you will) were extremely friendly and accommodating. I even had key holder, Oceun Davis model a bit for me.FullSizeRender_1

The other great thing I discovered about the Philadelphia Goorin Brothers is that they host Happy Hour on Thursdays! Drinks and dress up what could be better?

FullSizeRender_2I will definitely be back as soon as I can land on a hat style.

Happy Friday!


Lazy Girl Fashion


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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you’re exhausted. You got dolled up and hit the town on Thanksgiving Eve, you rolled out of bed somehow threw together another cute outfit for Thanksgiving Dinner and now its Black Friday morning and you are either shopping or headed back to work.

The solution? Look cute while putting in minimal effort. Still feeling slightly food comastosed this morning, I hit the snooze for an extra ten minutes, which left me with fewer minutes to get ready (The sacrifices we must make).

Oversized gray sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, black booties, a cute peacoat and bright lipstick. Voila! Lazy girl chic.

A good coat can really make any outfit instantly stylish. (Shh I used to wear pajamas under my Burberry trench to get coffee in the morning)

In other news, I was not getting up to go shopping because Black Friday just hurts my soul. Check out my post from last year to get my “Thoughts on Black Friday.”

Happy holidays!


Guest Post by Sydney Paige


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This is my first time featuring a “Guest Post” on Kieroyal, so we know this guest poster must be special! I have handed over the “Fashion Friday” post to my dear friend Sydney Paige. Although Sydney and I only attended 9th grade together, we’ve always shared a very similar outlook on life and also on fashion. And reconnecting with Sydney over Instagram reminded just how fun and fashionable she is! Sydney embodies what I hope to bring you with Kieroyal each week so I just had to get her take on some great late fall/ early winter styles! I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


One Can Never Be Overdressed (Or Overeducated)

By Sydney Paige

Dressing well & putting together chic outfits has always been a hobby of mine. No matter how much I have on my plate, and no matter what the occasion, I make it a point to assemble an outfit I am proud to wear. Between graduate school and starting my career as a Speech Pathologist, I have finally understood what it means to be “perpetually busy.” There is little to no room to get dolled up, and on most days, my outfits consist of business casual pieces that I can wear to crawl around on the ground with toddlers, or workout clothes for my post-work stress relief. So when I do have the opportunity to put together a night/weekend look, I opt to “go big.” In the autumn and winter, it can be a struggle, but I am here to say it is oh so doable & always 100% worth it! So don’t be afraid to play up your look as it gets a bit chilly, ladies- it’s time to pull out your skirts & dresses to reveal a more feminine side. Because, well, we can. And if we don’t, who will?

This season I have picked up a few items- some basics, others statement pieces- that work well dressed up or dressed down- but still sophisticated & ready for almost any occasion. Of course, I had to showcase my favorite piece first- a camel colored wool pleated skirt from J. Crew. I couldn’t pass up this simply stunning ‘basic’ that goes well with everything- and I mean literally, everything.

Here is the skirt paired with a jeweled flannel from Loft & ankle boots for a more rustic & refined look: -1And here it is paired with a white & black polka dotted button up from J. Crew with pointy toe pumps for my soon-to-be-worn Thanksgiving dinner look (notice, hardly pumps- Syd doesn’t fair too well in heels): -2This time around I paired the look with a statement pearl necklace (which I wear entirely too often) and my new Michael Kors tortoise shell & rose gold watch ( I am never seen without a watch).

These 2 items are key to most of my ensembles, but it’s important to accessorize with what you feel most comfortable & confident in. For me, statement necklaces, watches, scarves & large post earrings almost always fit the bill- find what suits you & dresses up your outfit to your liking!

The next piece is a standard LBD, something every girl MUST have in store for the winter. Why, might you ask? You can do pretty much ANYTHING with it. -3Pair it with a warm scarf & riding boots for a casual Sunday morning for coffee in Rittenhouse, or throw on pumps & standout jewelry for a night out in Old City (most of the time I would choose either a necklace or earrings, but this look is so simple that I gave both a thumbs up). -4Too cold, you say? Adding tights to either of these looks is a-okay & looks just as swell. There’s so many options with the LBD, don’t be afraid to be bold & experiment!The next piece I picked out this year was just screaming my name- a mustard yellow floral printed pencil skirt from the Loft. If anything is yellow, I must have it. Hence why after I tried it on one day at King of Prussia and opted not to get it after much contemplation, I was there the next day to pick it up because I was losing sleep over my inner battle (not a joke).

-5Like, come on. It’s perfect ‘Saturday brunch at The Dandelion’ attire. Paired with a navy ruffle shirt & J. Crew necklace, it’s just the cutest business takes on the weekend look. Do not be afraid of the pencil skirt, ladies. It is your friend. This last piece I just simply adore. It’s a polka dot chambray shirtdress purchased from the Loft. -6Paired with lace up boots & cozy patterned socks, it’s a perfect outfit for running errands in Suburban Square on the weekend-comfy and yet still looking sophisticated. I stayed minimal with jewelry for this looked & opted for a red lip instead as my ‘accessory.’ Don’t be afraid to pull out the lipstick this season- it’s one of the greatest accessories that can pull an entire look together.

So there are just a few of my outfits I am excited to wear this season! My advice is to go through your closet, find the item you have been meaning to wear but haven’t found the right occasion, play around with accessories that you love & just go with it! I know how easy it can be to pull out the leggings & a cardigan this time of year, and I am just as guilty of doing this certain days; however, we have been fortunate enough to have had some nice autumn days this year, and I still see some in our future- so let’s make them last & enjoy playing dress up as we girls love to do! As Oscar Wilde once said- “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Let’s show the world just how passionate we are to dress well and present ourselves in a confident & uniquely beautiful way.



Franklin Square Holiday Festival


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IMG_0150The sight of Starbuck’s red holiday cups the day before Halloween made me cringe, the changeover to snowflake lights downtown and holiday wreathes made me equally as annoyed— but now with our first spotting of snow I guess I can begin to embrace the upcoming holiday season.

The perfect place to start? The Franklin Square Holiday Festival that began on November 13th. Located, at the foot of the Ben Franklin bridge nearing the edge of Old City, Franklin Square is a great escape from the busy roads surrounding its perimeter and you can see its light show go off every half-hour from 4:30 to 8:00 until December 31st.

I’m a big fan of Franklin Square with its charming Philadelphia-themed mini-golf course, carousel and shake shack but this light show makes it even more enchanting.

Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 3.29.24 PMDuring the Holiday Festival, the park is covered in twinkling lights, which all lead to the fountain epicenter containing a lit kite just above the shooting stream, making the fountain appear to be the kite’s tail. If you’re a fountain enthusiast, this is the only fountain I know to stay on in the colder months as well.

An added plus is the Barren Hill Brewery Beer Garden presented by Old Eagle Tavern, which is located in a tent in the middle of the park. Treats include funnel cake, stuffed pretzels and other carnival-esque foods such as hot dogs and french fries. The drinks though are the real highlight. Containing, a hot chocolate bar with options like shaved chocolate, marshmallows and peppermint as well as spiked apple cider and beer, your taste buds will thank you as you warm up by the outdoor fire pits and heat lamps.

IMG_0142There will also be a holiday market and gift shop beginning November 28 that will contain an array of artisan made goods.

If you’re looking to get into the holiday spirit or just a warm drink, I highly recommend the Franklin Square Holiday Festival.

Xoxo hohoho

Football Fashion


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IMG_9936It’s the middle of fall, which also means the epicenter of football season. And with colder temperatures slowly creeping in, that means bundling up on College or NFL Game Days.

This past weekend, I attended a game at my Alma Mater and (not shocking to State College, Pa.) it was flurrying! This means no more cut up t-shirts, no more jean shorts and for you southerners, definitely no more sundresses— if you’re brave enough to venture up north that is.

When weekends start to get colder though, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain style under endless layers. Here are some ways to stay cute and warm all while showing off your team pride.

1. Team Colors Are a Must

IMG_9930This should be a no-brainer, but step one is to chose items in your team’s colors. Whether it be a cute sweatshirt, a longsleeve t-shirt or a warm sweater make sure you have the proper colors.

2. Winter Accessories

IMG_9925Winter accessories not only with be a necessity at a cold game, but can really make or break your outfit. I love knit headwraps, beanies, scarves and e-tip gloves for games. Just make sure you try on a few before you head out—- personally beanies don’t work on my head.

3. Boots

10354686_10202992363313592_6154442305404643171_nWhen out in muddy tailgate land, boots can set the tone for the rest of your day. No one likes wet feet, so first make sure you choose a warm pair of socks or leg warmers than you can even scrunch up over your boots for an added flair. Whether it be rain boots, Bean Boots, laced boots or leather boots—make sure you evaluate your pre and post tailgate situation.

4. Hand Warmers

IMG_9937Hand warmers are always great to throw in your pockets. They don’t take up too much space and can be a serious lifesaver when gusts of winds are ripping through the stadium. They can also be slipped into boots if your feet get cold— so just an added plus. (Or holding on to some hot chocolate will always do the trick too)

5. A Small Clutch

Because stadium security is getting tighter, many arenas no longer let you bring in bags larger than your palm. Which is why I suggest, investing in a small zip clutch like this one made by Vera Bradley that can store some cash, your id card and whatever else you can fit. I always throw some Advil in there too. ;-)


Ghosts of Costumes Past


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One week until Halloween—one of my favorite holidays for the sole purpose of dressing up! So this week I will be sharing some of my “ghosts of costumes past.” Even though I can not repeat these costumes I hope they give you some ideas if you haven’t decided what to wear yet!

149818_1497115631407_533415_n 76444_1497108671233_6831010_n1. Pumpkin

This was one of my most favorite Halloween costumes and it cost tops $5. I bought an oversized orange sweatshirt from WalMart cut out the face of a Jack-o-lantern and voila! For a night out I wore it with high over the knee boots and for daytime I put on leggings and green converse. Top this costume off with a curly green giftwrap bow in the hair and you are a perfect Halloween pumpkin!

311859_10150431332447082_180271031_n2. Skeleton

I purchased the largest size child size boys skeleton jumpsuit and squeezed into it. It will work much better if you are shorter than me (5’7″) but still a super fun and easy costume!

DSCN11023. Flapper and Nerd

I found a fringy dress at H&M a great feather headband and fishnets for this Halloween costume. This one definitely took a little more time and effort as I had to curl my very long hair and then pin it all up to look like a bob. Hairspray was my best friend this Halloween.

You could also try out the classic Nerd costume like my friend did. Suspenders and large framed glasses with tape wrapped around the middle made this the perfect nerd costume.

149024_501581151674_3494231_n4. Spice Girls

Always classic. Assign each one of your friends to a Spice and throw up your peace signs all night. Make sure everyone gets the memo though— we ended up with two babies. Girl Power!

IMG_28295. 60’s Girl

Find a colorful mini dress, throw your hair up in a high pony with a wide headband and you are the perfect Go Go 60’s girl. Light pink lipstick makes this costume super authentic.

1383266_2464661823409_160861363_n6. Pocahontas and Nakoma

Dressing up like best friend Poca and Nakoma was so much fun for me and my best friend. Dressing up like a Native American is always fun and easy. It allows you to do fun makeup and most of the items you can find in your closet. Just make sure you have some fringe and feathers somewhere.

150127_10152193897070347_2014630732_n7. Harry Potter Characters

A cloak, a tie or a scarf in your “house colors,” and a wand and you are pretty much set as a Harry Potter character. Or you could put a little more effort in like my one friend and dress as Fleur Delacour. She found a great “blue bell” hat at a thrift store that she spray painted blue and had the other blue items in her closet, minus the cape, which she created out of an old blue shirt.

68464_3923300924523_605938775_n8. Your Guy Friends

If you are down to dress in a drag, this is one of the funniest Halloween costumes I have ever participated in. All my girl friends dressed as our best guy friends playing into their best stereotypes. We left this as a surprise and showed up at our Halloween party dressed as them and everyone thought it was hysterical.

Hope some of these inspire your own costumes this year!

Trick or treat!


Short Skirts and Floppy Hats


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IMG_9649Even though fall is said to be at its peak this week (October 20-October 31) via beautiful foliage, fall temperatures have been fluctuating with a mid-summer kiss.

And while this time of year is ideal for cozy sweaters and layered scarves and jackets, those are just not items I want to wear when its 75 degrees and humid. Which is why mastering the “fall transition” outfit is key.

This was a favorite look of mine this week on a warmer day that included a skater skirt from Nordstrom BP, a light cranberry-colored sweater from Francesca’s, a floppy felt hat from Nordstrom BP and little black booties from C. Wonder. IMG_9653

IMG_9651I’d love to wear this to a fall festival or out to gaze at the changing leaves. And if you need some great places to check out the fall foliage in Philadelphia this week, check out this great guide from Uwishunu.

This outfit was perfect for the warmer temperatures with the right amount of autumn-feels.    IMG_9650Xoxo

P.S. What do you think of my logo’s new look? :)



Urban Outfitters- A Diamond in the Rough


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While I love Urban Outfitters for some quick cute du jour items, sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you want in the chaos of trendy clothes and accessories.

That is why it is always exciting to find a diamond in the rough at UO.

I purchased this item a few weeks ago as a potential dress option for an interview. After trying on a small in the fitting room, I realized that this item may have been meant as a large shirt. Not loving it as a shirt, I purchased a large in hopes of being able to wear it as a dress.

With heels, it is a little short bare-legged for an everyday dress, but with leggings and little booties it’s a perfect casual fall outfit option.

The Twiggy-esque mod style shirt/dress is a great item for fall. I love the thicker material and simple pattern as a one-stop statement piece. (and apparently so do other people because I’ve gotten so many compliments!)

The key-hole in the back of the dress adds a perfect touch and the high neck makes it work-appropriate.

IMG_9558.JPGOverall, this was a great and refreshing find at Urban Outfitters this season amongst all the thick sweaters, heavy plaids and various edgy layering pieces.

Mod for fall is tres chic!




Wild Mantle: The Janey Company


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Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 3.38.33 PMWhen I was in fourth grade, I signed up for a ballet class in a quaint studio in Narberth, Pennsylvania. Like many little girls, I looked up to my teachers as great role models, which is why I am so happy to have stayed in touch with Avi Fox my first assistant teacher at Dancexpress Studio.

Avi is the founder of Wild Mantle: The Janey Company, which creates amazing up-cycyled hooded sweater scarves for both men and women— and really what is better in the brisk fall than a warm scarf? The “previously-loved” hooded sweater scarves are like a hug, providing each wearer with a unique experience as no two Janey is alike.

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 3.38.46 PMWild Mantle believes in all things sustainable, from sustainable manufacturing options to 100% made-in-USA paper for their product tags. Wild Mantle also supports our local community not only in business but in donating anything not used to make a Janey into the townships textile recycling program.

Everything about this product and story screams “quality.”

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 3.38.58 PMWild Mantle also believes in supporting other entrepreneurs, business owners and activists who are doing positive things, which is why The Good News blog is a favorite feature to their site.

I have recently become a scribe to The Good News blog, profiling these great and positive activists and love speaking with people who are adamant on changing the world— if not just a little bit. Check out my latest post for Wild Mantle here!

I highly recommend snuggling up in a Janey this fall season. Unique, fashionable, sustainable and functional. Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 3.40.08 PM

Clover Market


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photo-2I love seasonal markets and festivities, which is why the Clover Market is a close and convenient option to fill my yearning.

-1Clover Market is a seasonal open-air market that features antiques, unique home furnishings, clothing, jewelery handmade crafts and arts and many other interesting finds. The market alternates locations in Ardmore and Chestnut Hill. This weekend I attended the market in Ardmore. (The next date will be held at Chestnut Hill on October 19th and then again in Ardmore on November 2nd)

It’s always fun to attend a market like this just to see what you can find even if you don’t actually end up purchasing anything. Some of my favorite finds included fantastic tiled mirrors, vintage feather quills, antler wall hangings, old bocce balls and of course this funny sign. (so mature)photo 1

The market also hosts local food vendors and food trucks if you get a little hungry from all the walking around and shopping. This year Ardmore even held a beer garden, which was great for a Sunday afternoon refresher.

Stay tuned for more fall festival postings— I love ‘em!


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