Guest Post by Anita Oh


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This week, I have handed over the “Fashion Friday” post to my friend Anita Oh. Anita and I attended Penn State together and met in some of our “major requirement” courses where we hit it off bonding over J. Crew, fro yo and assignments of course… Anita is now a weekend anchor and reporter for 13 WMAZ News in Macon, Georgia where, despite the oddly chillier temperatures in the South this week, she can begin experimenting with spring transition styles a bit sooner than Northeasterners, like myself. I love Anita’s sense of style in both her personal and professional life and has a great Instagram account to show it all off. I hope you enjoy her take on fashion and her great winter to spring transition outfits that this next month is sure to bring us.

Xo, Kiera


No Rules in Fashion

By Anita Oh

Fashion has always been an integral part of my life. It’s evolved (thankfully) over time.

By day, I’m a TV journalist. Image is important in this business. But for me, so is personal style. That’s not something I give up in my workday; I think it’s possible to balance personality and professionalism in any outfit. My go-to is a dress, statement necklace, shoes with a chunky heel (like these over-the-knee boots) or flats, and a pair of sunglasses for the road.


On the days I’m reporting, I have to keep it practical. Every day is different in TV news. Stiletto heels and clothes that you can’t move in or carry equipment in isn’t going to work. I’ve learned to keep “emergency kits” of anything I may need on a given day, from rain boots to sneakers to blazers to rain jackets (and snacks and chocolate) at my desk. On the days I’m anchoring, I’m mostly confined to a studio, so I don’t mind bringing out the heels and such.


Pencil skirts are a staple in my closet, especially ones with fun colors or prints. I kept this look neutral except for the eye candy: the bright pop of citron yellow and a bright pink lip. And when it comes to layers, more is more. And I like that. This Trouve sweater is an absolute favorite of mine – it pairs well with anything. I layered a light striped shirt underneath, because well, stripes are everything. From workday to everyday: lose the skirt, add leather leggings and accessorize. I love hats, and I’m usually seen wearing one when I’m not at work.


I don’t especially love rules. In fashion, there aren’t any. It’s all about showcasing the truest form of you, and that never goes out of style.

More fashion, food, fitness & behind-the-scenes TV world on Instagram @anita_oh

Penny Lane Fashion


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This week, with plummeting temperatures infiltrating the Northeast, I drew some layered-fashion inspiration from the one and only, Penny Lane.

Almost Famous is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I started to note some fashion trends that are eerily similar to the amazing band-aid herself this year.

First of all vests scream Penny Lane to me. From fur to fringe, this bohemian layering effect is so great for the cold temperatures and staying chic.

I’ve been pairing the vests with tight shirts underneath for shape and warmth, but if you want to be more “Penny Lane,” I’d perhaps pair the vest with a more billowy shirt underneath.

Accessories are anything over-sized and chunky, from scarves to hats to jewelery.

And hopefully soon, I’ll be able to add belly shirts, silky pants and big sunglasses to my Penny Lane fashion agenda.

Stay Warm!


Peasant Dress for Spring


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IMG_8924Because it is absolutely frigid outside, I have been dreaming of spring fashion and warm temperatures— naturally.

I’m sick of long pants, sweaters and endless layers and can’t wait to just be able to throw on an effortless lightweight dress. Which is why I can’t get enough of “the peasant dress” for spring.

The one above is my sister. I love this white and eyelet option from Forever 21 with black over-the-knee socks and Dr. Marten’s boots for a transition outfit in March or April.

With Spring Fashion Week’s just getting started, we’ll have to see what’s in store but my prediction is peasant and hippie for spring. Loose fits, billowy sleeves and flowing pants and skirts.

So far I’ve pinned four on Pinterest.

See here:

Dress 1

Dress 2

Dress 3

Dress 4

Have any others I must see?? I’m in love with these for spring and could use some more warm-weather-fashion-lust!




PiperWai Deodorant


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FullSizeRender_2I love finding new products especially when they have a local tie in. Which, is why this week I would like to introduce you to PiperWai Natural Deodorant.

Created by Lower Merion natives, Jess Edelstein and Sarah Ribner, these two launched an amazing beauty product about a year ago that I foresee having a great future.

The name PiperWai comes from a collaboration of things the two founders love. Piper, the name of Jess’ family Goldendoodle pup and Wai derived from the Wai Wai tribe of Guyana, where Sarah was traveling during the first experimental test of the product.

PiperWai is a charcoal creme deodorant that contains ingredients that provide a pH-balanced environment where bacteria cannot thrive, leaving your sweat odorless.

FullSizeRenderIf I’m being honest, I sweat a lot and was a little hesitant to try this deodorant at first. The light-gray creme product is applied by hand so I was a little wary. But it rubs in clear and smells great! (However, I would love this in stick form so I don’t have to rub my armpits everyday) With a proprietary blend of 11 Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils, PiperWai Natural Deodorant has a lemony-fresh scent. It is also packed with skin-conditioning ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and pure vitamin E oil, so it’s great for people with sensitive skin.

What makes PiperWai different from your average deodorant is that it does not contain aluminum, which plugs your sweat glands. Overall, I’ve found it to be an extremely effective product with a great smell and great look. PiperWai comes in a stylish 2oz. frosted glass jar with a cool mint-green and steel lion logo.

FullSizeRender_1PiperWai is currently seeking investor funding to aid big dreams of launching new organic beauty products. Jess and Sarah have been working on some exciting new products for a long time and they can’t wait to share them with the world. Lip balm, toner, moisturizer, and an applicator option for the deodorant, to name a few.

Weekend in The Green Mountain State


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10430895_10204634008943781_1955101815808391008_nThis past weekend, I got to spend some time in Vermont, a state about 5 1/2 hours away from my hometown that I have never had the pleasure of seeing.

Thanks to my godmother and her husband, avid skiers and Vermont enthusiasts, we were able to stay in the picturesque town of Dorset, just outside of Stratton Mountain and Manchester Center.

Here are some of my favorite moments from my latest travel adventure:

1. Beautiful views and fresh air. There’s something about the air in Vermont. Maybe it’s the vast mountain views, or the many trees lining the winding roads, but the coldness is acceptable and the crispness is appreciated in Vermont.

2. Stratton Mountain. While I do dabble in skiing ventures, the weather was unfortunately too wet (Aka it was pouring rain!) for my amateur level. However, the trails at Stratton look nothing short of amazing and I did enjoy watching the skiers unaffected by the rain, swoop down the mountain in smooth curving lines. My mom and I, instead, visited the Ice Castle, which was really cool to see. At night it even lights up, but the icy rain storm prevented us from coming back later. Still, we made our wishes in the ice well and even warmed ourselves by an igloo fire that was still smoldering.

3. Manchester Center Shops. The little town of Manchester is so precious. Not only are there amazing outlet stores— like the Orvis flagship store, which is amazing, but there are also unique little independently run stores. I fell in love with the Northshire Bookstore— head over heels! I can’t remember the last time I got to visit such a great and cozy bookstore with an amazing selection of books that is independently run! It made me truly so happy when all around us bookstores are dying and Barnes&Nobles chains really are the only option. When I first walked in I thought it was just one little room, but much to my surprise the book store extended so far back it even contained a cafe, a music section and an upstairs devoted entirely to children’s books. There were many little rooms dedicated to specific sections and a wall filled with signed books! Heaven. I ended up leaving the store with three new books. So happy to support a local business and publisher. The Vermont Country Store was also really cool, but we unfortunately got kicked out after being in the store for only 5 minutes due to inclement weather, which caused the store to be closed early. I did leave with a few cute Vermonty purchases though, like maple syrup, hand cream and a fir needle burning candle.

4. Breakfast. We had the best breakfast ever at Up For Breakfast in Manchester! My mom and I both gobbled down our entire meal. Seriously the best breakfast I have had in a long time. I got the Bistro Omelet, which was filled with fresh apple, brie cheese and Vermont smoked bacon. It was soo good! I swear apples, meats and cheese just taste fresher in Vermont. My mom got the Eggs Scandinavian, which was a twist on eggs benedict. It contained, smoked salmon topped with wilted spinach, capers, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Both came with a side of hashbrowns and toast and we cleaned our plates. The service was extremely friendly and accommodating and turned over tables relatively quickly. We waited for about 20 to 30 minutes in a small space but it did not seem that bad and they offer you coffee as you are waiting which makes the whole restaurants vibe feel very homey. Overall, I highly recommend seeking out this breakfast gem if you are ever in Vermont.

5. Snow. I can’t believe I am saying this but I was very happy to get to experience a brief snow in Vermont. Fortunately for us, it was light enough for clear roads and relatively easy travel, but heavy enough to coat the trees and mountains and leave us with a beautiful sight.

1888725_10204634006983732_2043033139014760773_n-16. Fashion. Bean Boots, different patterned Lululemon leggings and oversized scarves and sweaters were the fashion choices in Vermont. Which is perfect, because what else do you want to wear when it’s so cold and snowy? Everyone truly pulls off the “snow bunny” chic and minimal makeup thing up there let me tell you. I enjoyed it for the weekend and even came home with a nifty new way to tie my Bean Boots. Shred the gnar brah!

Overall, it was a great weekend visiting family and exploring the little mountain towns Vermont is so known for.


Versatility of a Faux-Leather Dress


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I recently added a gem of a fashion find to my wardrobe. This royal blue faux-leather dress I have discovered to be so versatile, when it was originally purchased as a “going out” dress.

-1Wear it to work as a pop of color with a black blazer and black tights, and take off the jacket later for a seamless transition into post-work dinner and drinks. Since the dress is the statement, it does not require much accessorizing either!

-2You can find similar options at Forever 21 and H&M that are totally affordable and totally cute.

Happy Fashion Friday! Xo

Ministry of Supply for Men’s Fashion


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Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.11.40 PM

I don’t often write about men’s fashion, so when I do you, know it must be important— I mean, I truly am tempted to purchase some menswear for myself. I’m in love with a men’s fashion start-up based out of Boston. I had the pleasure of meeting the guys of Ministry of Supply this summer and also visited their sleek Newbury Street pop-up store.

Unlike a normal suit and tie, Ministry uses NASA-inspired technology to bring you high-performance menswear that work with your daily routine. Essentially, it’s like activewear in suit form.

Phase-change material stores heat away from your body when you’re too warm, then releases it back when you get cold—- great for this cold winter weather when you are running to work and get in and immediately become overheated. 4-way and 2-way stretch materials allow for maximum movement, which is much different than that ordinary stiff suit and as an added plus, the material does not hold a wrinkle— no ironing needed! Windproof membranes, DWR coating, waterproof membranes, breathability and moisture wicking all keep weather and sweat at bay. And one of the coolest features— reclaimed coffee. Reclaimed coffee grounds are actually infused in your garments to absorb odors and keep you smelling fresh. To read more about the amazing technology behind Ministry of Supply products click here.

I caught up with Marketing Director, Dan Weisman for a Q&A about this beyond cool company.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.12.15 PM

1. Where did the name Ministry of Supply come from?

Ministry of Supply came from the cover operation of the British Military Intelligence service in WWII. In other words, the real-life people that Q and James Bond are based on. The mission of the Ministry of Supply was to create equipment for field agents. We think of Q as the empathetic inventor – he would invent gear for the field to help Bond achieve his mission while keeping him safe and helping him blend in with his surroundings. Translate that sentiment to the modern man and you have the objective of Ministry of Supply.

2. What should we look for, for the future of Ministry?

We’ll never stop inventing apparel that solves many of the problems that traditional clothing overlooks. In the short term, look for pieces that round out the head-to-toe collection, such as a suit and underwear. Longer term, we’re experimenting with new fabrics and continuing to create the all-purpose dress shirts and pants we hope will take over guys’ wardrobes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.09.52 PM

3. What is your favorite product for the winter?

I love the Doppler M65. It’s a fantastic jacket for almost any condition. It’s built from a waterproof breathable Swiss fabric that has really impressive 4-way stretch. That means it moves with your body and keeps you dry and protected from the elements. It really works. I bike about 10 miles each day, and I wear this jacket with either a sweater or an Aurora jacket layered underneath, depending on the weather.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.11.46 PM

4. If you had to piece together an outfit for New Years Eve, what would you recommend going with?

Well, I generally spend New Years Eve in a small town in New Hampshire, so anything is fair game. But if you want to ring in 2015 in style, then I would go with an Apollo dress shirt, a pair of the black or midnight blue Aviators, and a blazer. You can’t beat this outfit for looking sharp while you dance all night.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.10.55 PM

5. When did Ministry officially launch?

The first Kickstarter campaign – for the Apollo Shirt was funded in July 2012. That was the real start for Ministry of Supply.

Another success story in the world of Kickstarter. ;-)


Three Ways to Wear Black Tights and Booties this Winter


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It’s winter. You’re tired of wearing pants, and leggings and jeans are often times just too casual. I, like many women, hate tights, stockings, panty-hose (whatever you like to call them). They are suffocating on the stomach, prone to rips and runs and just make you long for those bare-legged summer days. However, when you need to be a little feminine and just want to throw on a skirt or dress, they are absolutely essential. This is why black tights and booties should be your best friend this winter.

Three ways to wear black tights and booties this winter.

1. Low keyIMG_0553_2IMG_0546 IMG_0548IMG_0537

Black skater skirt, black thermal shirt and an over-sized sweater. This is a low key chic look that has great day to night transition for a causal day or evening.

2. Statement dressIMG_0591 IMG_0629_2

Black tights paired with black booties are a perfect base for a colorful statement dress. I love this red scallop-necked option from It’s a great statement and doesn’t require much jewelery or much effort. Throw on a blazer for work and take it off later for a nice dinner or festive party.

3. Work friendlyIMG_0750 IMG_0752

A pencil skirt paired with a collared shirt and cute cardigan is a preppy and work appropriate way to get away with bringing out those stocking-clad legs at work. This whole outfit is from C. Wonder. (What am I going to do now that it has gone out of business at the King Of Prussia mall?? :-()

Happy 2015! Xo

Kieroyal: 2014 in review


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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

10553337_10203402997489264_7809185524837310871_nThank you to everyone who kept up and was a part of Kieroyal in 2014! I’m so proud of how far it’s come from just a personal little travel blog back in 2012. Here’s to new adventures, great fashion, yummy food and everything else unwritten! Bring on 2015.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.



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IMG_7515Two months ago, I wrote a post about “Wild Mantle: The Janey Company.” Well, a lot can change in two months if you have a dream and a mission to carry it out.

Mantle not only means a loose fitting hood or cloak, but it also means your social responsibility in the world.

10172691_621488137977455_26756419463319908_nAvi Fox, creator of the Wild Mantle brand, has come milestones from where we left her two months ago and has taken up her true social responsibility in the world. By infusing a great product with a powerful meaning, this product and brand is bulletproof.

First and foremost, the original “Janey” is now called a “Mantle” and running a positive trajectory of a Kickstarter campaign, which ends December 24th at 12:20pm. You can see the amazing Kickstarter video here.

**After I wrote this article at about 11pm last night, the Wild Mantle Kickstarter has successfully met it’s goal!!

Second of all, Avi found a fantastic artisan knitting mill in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies who aligned with taking on her mission of creating a quality USA-made product out of sustainable materials such as alpaca wool and soft minky fleece.

Third of all, word has caught on. Kat Dennings has posted selfies on her social media accounts wearing her Mantle as well as cosmetic-guru Josie Maran. Avi has also been featured on the cover of Philadelphia Weekly, Main Line Times, CNN’s blog, Be Well Philly blog, the Boston Examiner and various other social media posts. Wild Mantle is on fuego!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to Take Up The Mantle (the campaign’s current slogan)! The hooded scarf is not only a cozy-warm winter accessory, but contains Avi’s personal alchemy of “sustainability, empowerment and adventure.”

Lucky for me, Avi is also a photographer and I got to play dress up with her this weekend at the amazing Philadelphia Salvage Company.

Reasons I love Wild Mantle: the positive meaning behind the brand, the quality product, which is sustainable and USA-made, the coziness!, the ease of wearing it and the touch of bohemian flair it can add to any outfit.IMG_7522 IMG_7543 IMG_7546

IMG_7606IMG_7620 IMG_7632 IMG_7709 IMG_7720 IMG_7877IMG_7760As the Wild Mantle mission statement says, “Build your community. Live your truth. Accomplish your mission. Change the world. And, feel snuggly warm and supported all at the same time.”

*Also, check out this post about Wild Mantle on another favorite brand of mine’s blog, Category 5 Boat Shoes


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