Many might say I get my sense of style and my love of clothes from my mom. While my mom and I can butt heads about each others fashion choices, most of the time she’s spot on. Which is why this week’s Fashion Friday feature is on my inherently stylish mom.


I must say, when she walked out in this casual outfit the other day I was stunned. I usually only see her dressed up for work or in Birkenstock’s walking the dog (sorry did I just give away that unfashionable secret?). The middle ground, the casual-cute “just running errands” kind of look, is not a normal outfit I see my mom wearing. She nailed it. IMG_8572 IMG_8574

I couldn’t stop asking her where she got her clothes! Me! Asking my mom where she bought her clothes.

Boyfriend jeans- C.Wonder

Sandals- Charlotte Russe

Peasant top- a boutique in Maine

Bracelet- also a boutique in Maine

Watch- Nordstrom

Well done mom! And if you find these items missing from your closet…you’ll know where to look!


Summer Manis


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Usually, I am very simple when it comes to manicures. But this summer, it’s like I’ve become a kid again—I’m loving nail designs!

Here are some of my favorite manis for summer!

1. White -1

I love shades of white for the summer. It makes your nails look clean and makes your skin look tanner! Add a simple anchor design for a little flair!

2. Red, white and blueIMG_8341

Because there has been so much USA pride this summer with the World Cup and America’s 238th birthday! Everyone needs a little red white and blue in their life for summer!

3. Stripes-2

Whether it is metallic stripes or chevron, stripes are so summery especially when put on top of pastels. Teals, lavenders and powder pinks and corals are my favorites for summer.

4. Lemons and Suns and Sunflowers

While I have yet to try these designs out yet. I love lemon, sun and sunflower designs for the summer. There is really no other season you would be able to pull off such nail art. Just take a look on Pinterest and you are sure to be inspired!

Beach Hair


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IMG_8293 Hope everyone had a fun Fourth of July Weekend! My blog took a day off on Friday and I hope you did too! But now, time to make up for it. Here are my hair thoughts from a weekend at the beach— enjoy!

There are few things I enjoy more for summer style than beach hair. I live for a little ocean water and sunshine in my hair! When I go to the beach and the water is too cold, I will still make sure to dunk my hair in to create those perfect beachy waves. (I have even had friends bring me home a bottle of ocean water before to put in my hair) You could say it’s a mild obsession.

But since it is not possible for me to have authentic ocean water in my hair on a daily basis, I decided to create my own. So here are my instructions on DIY Surf Spray.

1. Ingredients: 1 tbsp Coarse Sea Salt (I used real sea salt from Cape Cod), 1 cup cold water, 1 tbsp hair gel, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 empty spray bottle

2. Mix all these ingredients together screw on the top and shake up the bottle

3. Wash hair, towel dry and spray mixture into damp hair

4. You may need to add more when hair is close to dry to add more texture. I find my hair takes the Surf Spray better when it is closer to dry than wet as my hair is very thick. Play around with it.

5. Enjoy your just-came-from-the-ocean Surf Spray

Another thing I love in the summer is naturally lightening my hair color. I’ve tried many different ways of doing this from lemon juice, Sun-In and John Freida Sheer Blonde Spray (which I found really dried out my hair). So last weekend I tried out a little beer in my hair. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy was my poison. I had heard beer in the hair is a great natural lightener but had my concerns— I didn’t want to smell like beer all day! I filled up a spray bottle with Summer Shandy and sprayed in generously and the beer smell did not reek.

IMG_8342       After a day at the beach with my beer spray, I am happy to report that it was a great natural lightener! The Summer Shandy with its lemon properties probably helped too. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy Spray is something I will definitely be using again!

Happy Monday! Xoxo


Janji Running Apparel


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Courtesy of Dave Spandorfer, co-founder Janji

Courtesy of Dave Spandorfer, co-founder Janji

Henry David Thoreau once said in Walden, “I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.”

Thus, be careful about becoming involved in anything that calls for an outward change and not for an inner change of character.

Both figuratively and literally, Boston based start-up Janji appeals to both the outward and inner “change of clothes.”

Also fitting that co-founder Dave Spandorfer’s favorite summer workout includes a nice long run in the woods followed by a swim in Walden Pond.

Founded just two years ago by Dave Spandorfer and Mike Burnstein, Janji hopes to help fight the global food and water crisis while making you look and feel good as well.

For every item Janji sells, $4.00 is donated to food and water causes around the world.

In fact, Janji meM Rwanda Shortsleeveans “promise” in Malay.

The foundation which the company is based on; a promise to fund solutions, raise awareness and create a nation of runners that run for another and eliminate the global food and water crisis. (A statement that can be found on their mission statement page)

“We chose the word promise because, from the beginning, we wanted to make a promise to better the world through running,” says Dave.

Each item of clothing is designed with inspiration from the country it helps.

Take for example, the “Men’s Rwanda Woven Basket Tee.” (Pictured Above) The t-shirt design was inspired by Rwandan basket weaving and for each purchase of the tee, customers give 3 days of nutritional medicine to a malnourished child in Rwanda.

The great thing about Janji is that customers know exactly where their money is going. Statements like these are found on each item of clothing on the e-commerce site.

And as runners themselves, meeting on the track team as Washington University St. Louis, their apparel appeals to the needs of runners both men and women, including using a breathable mixture of materials such as polyester, cotton, spandex and 3M moisture wicking technology and including reflective logos for safety.

In the next few weeks, Janji will release their brand new line, featuring “the best stuff [they've] ever made,” according to Dave.

Courtesy of Dave Spandorfer, co-founder Janji

Courtesy of Dave Spandorfer, co-founder Janji

“We couldn’t be more excited to release this to the public,” Dave says.

As for the future, Janji plans on continuing their mission of “promise” by making great apparel and expanding the countries they help.

“We love helping the regions we currently support, but we know as we grow we can make a deeper impact in more countries around the world,” says Dave.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. The purpose of working out is to better yourself, so why not help better the lives of others as well? Although I am not a runner, rather a gym-rat, yoga, dance kind of gal, I love this line for my workout routines as well. I always feel better after a good workout and will feel even better knowing that I am helping others by wearing Janji.

George Sheehan once said, “The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life.”

Is there anything that could define Janji more?

All Black Hair Slicked Back


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IMG_8176“All black, hair slicked back.” The quote dancers live by for auditions. It makes you look sleek, sophisticated and put together.

And when in doubt in real life, this quote works wonders as well. For a going out look, black always works. The LBD is a term for a reason.

Right now, I love black and cutouts in clothing. There’s something about tanned skin peeking out from black clothing cutouts that makes you appear glowing.

IMG_8174It’s sultry.

So for an easy going out look, I went for black. A long black maxi skirt with thigh high cutouts with a long sleeved, cross back black crop top. The skirt I found at Metro, a great little clothing store in State College, and the shirt is Tobi.

I paired this outfit with chunky Jeffrey Campbell nude clogs and simple gold accessories. A double-strapped gold headband over a slicked back high sock bun, white and gold earrings from House of Harlow and winged eyeliner topped off the outfit.

IMG_8179Happy Friday! xoxo

Category Five Boat Shoes


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Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

Winds of over 155 miles per hour stir up the sea, hitting everything in site and creating pure destruction. Only three storms of this stature have hit the U.S. in the 20th century. This is not a storm— it is a Category Five.


Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

Fitting its namesake, Category Five boat shoes are hitting the fashion scene with forces just as strong (minus the destruction of course).

23-year-old CEO, Jason Shuman began his boat shoe focused fashion line, when he was just a student at The University of Miami and has since grown Category Five into a successful fashion start-up based out of Framingham, Mass.

“We created Category Five to not only build a better boat shoe, but a company that aligned with the values of our generation,” Jason says.

The idea sparked from the necessity that are boat shoes in college Greek life. Category 5 has the look of a Sperry Topsider but with the authenticity of true preppiness and the ability to be customized. From initials to Greek letters, the options are endless. (See the full story here)

Different than Sperry’s, Category 5′s include: a full EVA footbed over the Sperry “heel cup,” a hand-sprayed water and stain resistant leather treatment made in the U.S. (Essential when wearing your shoes to a bar, Jason explains.) and the contoured mid-rise heel, which helps minimize the brutal break-in period.

Because Category 5 is mostly an e-commerce business with over 80% of revenue coming from online, Category 5 is able to keep the price point affordable.

“Think Warby Parker meets footwear,” Jason says.

What can we look forward to for the future of Cat 5? According to Jason, a ton of new events, a big announcement in regards to a philanthropic partner, additional product lines, and even better pricing.

Product aside, Jason describes Category Five as a company focused on providing customers with the confidence to go out and live life to the fullest.

“We aim to make a difference through charity partners, host events that will allow [the customer] to experience new things and meet new people, and finally provide [customers] with interesting content and advice on our website on how to achieve [their] goals.”

The Category Five website contains a great blog, The Hurricane Report, where customers and enthusiasts alike can see what the interworkings of Cat 5 are thinking.

Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

Courtesy of Jason Shuman, CEO Category Five

As for enjoying summer, Jason believes good drinks, good food, good people, a good location (and of course good shoes) are key.

“When you combine those 4 things it means happy hour drinks on the water with friends, while enjoying a nice lobster roll…for me at least.”

And if you need some great gear for that upcoming summer sailing trip? Check out Category Five. They’ve got you covered. ;-)


Saturday at the Museum


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IMG_8030 When I lived in Europe, I often indulged in many museums. Partially because it’s what you do as a tourist, but also because I am a geek for art museums and as an art history minor in college, could analyze art for hours.

So last weekend, I decided to explore an art museum in my own city, which I have never visited. The Rodin Museum.

The Rodin Museum is really a gem to Philadelphia. Situated between the largest impressionist museum in the country, The Barnes, and the great Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum is often overshadowed. However, on a summer Saturday afternoon this small museum with an impressive courtyard garden is a simple indulgence.

IMG_8031The Beaux-Arts building, which opened in 1929, retains a feeling of true Parisian elegance as it sits just along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, emulated after the Champs-Elysees.

IMG_8048IMG_8039My favorite part about the Rodin museum is the simplicity. It gives off a homey feeling unlike many large and overwhelming art museums. August Rodin’s infamous, “Gates of Hell” greet guests with a strangely welcoming air as the incredibly three-dimensional doors jet out at viewers. It is not until you walk through the museum and understand all the different components of the doors, that you feel the sinister emotion in them.

IMG_8041There is a copy of Rodin’s, “The Kiss,” which is my favorite sculpture. All of Rodin’s sculptural pieces contain a true element of liveliness, but there is something in the movement and emotion of this piece that is very relatable. Or at least, it evokes in the viewer a hope for such a great love.

Because Auguste Rodin, was a sculptor who began to go against the norm of traditional Renaissance sculpting styles, his works seem very original. Rodin leaves the flaws in his sculptures, and it feels as if you can picture him sculpting them out of the original block.

Some of the imperfect details in Rodin’s works are the most inspiring to me. Take for example the little floral details hidden in the background of this sculpture. Really, the flowers have nothing to do with the main sculpture itself, but it adds such a beautiful element of liveliness and process. IMG_8045

IMG_8040One of my other favorite elements of Rodin’s sculptures is the way he carves his initials into them. It is so informal that it almost feels as if he just did it.

Overall, the museum’s simplicity makes it very inviting. I enjoyed the sketchbooks in each room that allow guests to sit and attempt to draw a single-line drawing, the technique Rodin used to sketch out many of his works.

Of course “The Thinker” sculpture impressively sits at the front of the museum, and other works in the garden make it very inviting but I enjoyed just sitting by the fountain in the garden and just admiring the horticulture itself as well.IMG_8049

If you ever have a spare minute in Philadelphia, The Rodin Museum is a great place to enjoy truly great art in a short amount of time. Oh and did I mention it is pay what you wish? Just an added plus. :)

2 Year Anniversary of Kieroyal


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IMG_2267Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my first day living in London for the summer and interning for the wonderful Schon! Magazine. Today also marks the beginning of this blog.

So in honor of the 2 year anniversary of Kieroyal, my site can now be found at! Hope you enjoy my new domain name and thank you to WordPress for being such a great host site these past two years!


When I first arrived in London, I was stunned by the fashion all around me. Even dog walkers seemed fashionable. Just walking down the street to get coffee in the morning I felt I had to actually get dressed— and we all know that is a struggle before having coffee. I would at least throw my Burberry trench over my pajamas so no one would know.

One of my favorite evenings in London was spent playing dress up in my roomate’s closet. These photos were the result. A hot pink babydoll nightgown dress, Hunter rain boots, a fur stole, which she had nicknamed “rabby”, killer shades and an across-the-forhead headband. While, I did not leave my flat in this outfit I probably could’ve gotten away with it because, well, it’s London.

And as long as you “Adjust Your Dress Before Leaving” (a common sign found at the door of nightclubs) everything will be alright.

So here’s to being inspired by fashion, the city of London for inspiring me and nights playing dress up! Sometimes, you just need those.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


My Favorite Beach Accessories of the Season


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With the unofficial mark of summer last weekend, Memorial Day brought beach goers to the edge of the ocean in all sorts of leftovers from last season.

So, time to update. Here are my favorite beach accessories of the season.

1. Panama Hats

Leave those cowboy hats and fedoras at home. The return of the Panama hat is here. Starting off as a trend this fall, Panama hats came out in suedes and leathers to appease the hat-wearer. This summer, Panama hats are a great option to shade your face and cool your head. Opt for a lighter fabric option such as straw or canvas. I love this option from J. Crew with a lime colored ribbon as an accent. Panama Hat

2. Head wraps

I know I’ve written about them before, but I can’t get enough of the beloved head wrap. Not only will a head wrap help cover dirty beach hair, but it will add an element of chic to a simple bikini while giving your head some cooling coverage. This is a great beach head wrap option from Francesca’s. The metallic leafs will gleam in the summer sun. Head Wrap

3. Tinted Lenses

I love colored lenses this season, and I don’t mean the frames. Tinted lenses are so fun and so stylish this summer. I know Ray Ban currently has some great options, but if you’re like me and destroy summer sunglasses and prefer a less expensive option, here are some great colored lenses from At $20 a pop I could even afford a couple! Tinted Lenses

4. Flowy pants

…Another trend I can’t get enough of and they are perfect for the beach. I love these Band of Gypsies Harem pants from Urban Outfitters. They have a great side slit that shows off the perfect amount of skin for a beach cover up. Flowy pants

5. The classic tunic

Tunics are a timeless beach cover up. Simple, stylish and elegant. The Sarasota beach tunic from Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorites. I’m wearing one in the photo above. My favorite print for summer is the “Spa Blue Get Crackin.” Tunic

Wedding Season


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“What do you like better, Christmas or Wedding Season?”

“Yes, the answer would be, um, Wedding Season?”

10151936_10202595502022382_946160508_n ‘Tis the season! The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing and the flowers are in full bloom. It is wedding season!

And while everyone loves a good wedding, it always seems to be the biggest dilemma to figure out what to wear. Especially, as a wedding guest—which is seemingly the easiest role to play.

So what should you wear as a wedding guest this season without breaking the bank?

Step One: See what you already have in your closet DSCN2126

Pastel colors, floral prints, bright colors? Any dress that is not black or white is perfect. Above, is a dress I found at Free People a few years ago that I plan on using as a repeat. It hasn’t been seen in awhile, so it will work perfectly.

Step Two: Evaluate the “dress code.”

As long as it’s not black tie, you should be alright with the sundresses in your closet. I would stray away from the beloved maxi. They have the tendency to either look too beachy or too fancy, if you find the perfect in-between for a maxi then go for it. Also, if you’re attending a southern wedding I learned it’s a faux-pas to wear a long dress as a wedding guest. Eek. Cut-outs are also something to keep out of your wedding guest look. Always better to bring out your modest side as a wedding guest. Keep it sweet and pretty it’s all about the love. Lauren Conrad has some great “dress code” etiquette advice here.

Step Three: Get shopping!

1939508_10202601380129331_578488747_nI found this dress at

If there really is nothing you love in your closet, or nothing that nobody has already seen, what are you waiting for? Get shopping! I’m a firm believer on not spending a lot on a wedding guest dress. My go-to’s for online are,, and For in-store shopping, I love Francesca’s, Forever 21, H&M, Arden B and Charlotte Russe.

Step Four: Shoes

Wedges are key for weddings. They’ll allow you to endure standing at the ceremony and dancing the night away at the reception. Nude or blush pumps are great for a fancier option and gold or embellished sandals are a great casual option.

Step Five: Eat cake!

Happy wedding season! And just remember, never walk away from a crasher in a funny jacket! Rule #115!


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