Can’t Wait Fall Clothing


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The moment that fall nip hits the air, I want to go shopping for fall clothes. Granted— I also snag fall clothing when there are some great deals in summer too (i.e. the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). Regardless, I put together some fall statement pieces I have collected over the past couple months in anticipation of fall fashion.

1. Big cozy poncho/scarf

I love ponchos for this fall season. They look cozy, comfortable and chic. I found this great gray option from Free People on the Sale rack as an “As Is” item due to a little snag in the fabric. “As Is” is one of my favorite ways to purchase new fashion with a little defect— it adds character and is affordable! This soft gray poncho/shawl/scarf option is a great layering piece and can be worn multiple ways.

IMG_93172. Ankle booties

This is the second pair of casual ankle booties I have added to my fall boot collection. These black canvas pair I found at a summer sale at C. Wonder and couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to wear them once fall weather actually settles in.

IMG_93233. Statement colors

Reds, burgundys and oranges for fall. This red head wrap from Free People is a great way to liven up the dark colors cold weather seemingly brings around.

IMG_93244. Corduroy leggings

Once it gets chilly outside, I live in leggings. To change it up a little I love patterned and chord leggings for fall. These are so soft and warm they will be perfect for winter as well.

5. Back and white coats

I found this leather/sherpa combo coat at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and have been looking forward to wearing it since July. The combo of materials makes it a great weight for fall temperatures and the two-toned black and white makes a great statement.

(Oh and of course big floppy felt hats but that has already been written about here.)

Happy fall shopping! Xoxo

Tats and Tans


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IMG_9168Although September 23rd is the official start of fall, most close down for the summer after Labor Day Weekend. I myself, start to get into the fall mentality once the beach shuts down, but this year I would like to enjoy the hot days and lingering tans and my flash tattoos while I still can.

This past weekend, my family and I jumped on the “flash tat” bandwagon and I have to say I love them— especially for showing off your summer skin. They come in various edgy tribal, aztecy patterns and are applied like a regular temporary tattoo. The difference? They are an amazing flashy metallic color in either gold, silver or black.

I wore a wrap-around arm band and wrist tat last weekend, and my arm band is still lingering! I actually am really enjoying the subtle faded gold on my arm right now too. Not to mention, since I was tanning post application, it is leaving a cool tan line on my arm as well.

So while summer still lasts and your tan hasn’t yet faded, I recommend picking up some flash tattoos. They’re just cool. IMG_9163IMG_9173IMG_9169

New headers!


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I’m happy to announce a new change to Kieroyal! As you may notice, the header at the top of this page looks different. Thanks to my dear friend Kathleen, Kieroyal has some great new graphic headers to keep you entertained.

Three years ago, Kathleen and I lived in 215 Wolf Hall at Penn State where some referred to us as the “PR/Marketing Headquarters” of Alpha Xi Delta. The two of us held the PR and Marketing positions collectively so our 15′ x 11′ room became the creative hub.

295915_10150790444475317_7106980_nWhen I started this blog in London in the summer of 2012 I had asked Kathleen to design me a header for my little travel blog. So she did and it’s held strong since that day.

Lucky for me, Kathleen and I seem to have some sort of creative telepathy because I had been thinking of updating the header for a few weeks now and she just happened to come across the original design and played around with updating it without me even asking.

I hope you enjoy the new headers and thank you so much to Kathleen for designing them for me!


“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”


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IMG_9053Lilly, Lilly, Lilly. You either love it or you hate it.

Having a godmother who worked at the unmistakably preppy haven, I learned at a young age to adorn myself in Lilly Pulitzer whether I liked it or not.

It took me until becoming a sorority girl in college to appreciate the bright colors, flashy patterns and lifestyle of a “Lilly girl.” Because essentially that’s what Lilly is. Aside from the fashion, aside from the clothing— it’s a lifestyle.

Anyway, now that I can appreciate that “style isn’t what you wear, it’s how you live,” a quote made famous by Lilly Pulitzer herself, I love a good Lilly product every now and again.

IMG_9040IMG_9039The Lilly end of summer sale is always a great time to pick up an accessory or two, but this year I fell in love with a dress that was nearly 50% off. Having a lobster dinner at my country club that evening, I had to buy it— it was just too perfect. White cotton, with a subtle and scenic lighthouse pattern.

IMG_9051It was perfect for the occasion and will be a great summer staple in my wardrobe for years to come. That’s what I love about Lilly.

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”- Lilly Pulitzer

August Reds


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IMG_8977There’s nothing like a red dress to turn heads. I ordered this dress from and wasn’t in love. It sat in my closet for two weeks and I even tried to give it away. I thought it looked like an oversized pillowcase and couldn’t figure out how to wear it.

IMG_8979But with a fall nip in the air today, I decided to give it another go. I styled this red trapeze high-low dress with a long poison bottle necklace, a chunky white and gold bracelet and gold gladiator sandals.

IMG_8988To give it a fall flair I added this great black felt panama hat from Nordstrom’s BP, which is perfect as a fall transition piece and a great festival piece. If I happened to be headed to the Philadelphia Folk Festival this weekend, this would be a perfect festival outfit.

IMG_8989(I also was feeling a little one with the animals today ;-) )

IMG_8994If you have any other suggestions on how to wear this dress I’d love to hear! I’m looking forward to wearing this dress with boots and leggings in the fall!IMG_9006

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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IMG_8921.JPGYesterday, I participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The cause of the neurodegenerative disease is not completely understood, but has frequently been known to affect athletes.

Former Penn State football player and captain of the 1986 National Championship team Steve Smith developed ALS following his NFL career. My dad met with Steve several years ago to write a chapter for his book “The Perfect Season” when he was essentially a prisoner of his own body. It’s a truly heartbreaking chapter of the book but one of the best all the same.

ALS is a tormenting disease that requires so much more awareness and research than it currently receives. I’m happy to see this seemingly silly challenge go viral— as they say, any PR is good PR.

Here is my video completing the challenge. I encourage you to visit and to learn more and/or donate to the cause.

My Obsession with Alex+Ani


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It’s safe to say I have an obsession with Alex and Ani. It is one of my favorite company’s right now and here’s why:

1. All bracelets are made from recycled and sustainable material

2. All products are made in America

3. Stores support local business economy

4. Products are thoughtfully made and created with empowerment purposes; the “Charity By Design” line even gives back to various charities

5. CEO Carolyn Rafaelian is a fellow AXiD :)

photo 1-1I could go on with my list but I’ll break it down a bit. I love company’s that hold purpose and Alex and Ani bracelets hold so much more meaning than just a simple wire charm bracelet. Not only is this simplicity factor great, which makes the bangles easy to wear for all ages, but each bracelet is designed with a meaning. Each bracelet comes with a tag which reads, “Infused with (+) energy technology.” Alex+Ani charms, represent positive energy and are symbolic to the charm they encompass. I keep all my description cards that come with the bracelets and place them in my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. Even if “positive energy technology” is just a figurative term, I love the idea behind it. It makes me feel like a child again, believing in this magical technology infused in each bracelet.
Every time I wear my Alex and Ani bracelets, I am reminded of different words in which I hope to embrace throughout the day. I pick out my daily bracelets to wear based on the qualities I feel I need the most reminding of. For example, the compass charm is one of my favorites for when I feel I need direction but the mermaid is a charm I love for when I need a little feminine empowerment and cheekiness.

IMG_8124I recently returned home from Newport, Rhode Island— the birthplace of Alex+Ani, and was lucky enough to spend some time in the store. Even the environment in Alex+Ani stores exudes a positive energy vibe. Not to mention, the signature scent in the store smells great! I even came home with some wood wick “Turn Peace Up” candles that smell incredible! I can’t wait until a store opens up in Philadelphia— if you need any new employees you know who to call! ;-)

Really, I think I am obsessed. photo 2

Travel Tuesday- Travel Tips


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10407793_10203477427889113_5424155605366637187_nI spent this past week traveling in New England. While on my week-long trip, I was praised for some of my packing and traveling skills I have obtained over the years. So here are just a few of my travel tips. Bon Voyage!

1. Packing Light

For summer trips, the key to packing light is to know the weather of the environment which you will be traveling to. Since I was in New England for the week, I could get away with packing 1 sweater, 1 jacket and 1 long pair of pants. Multiple simple tank tops and a few different short options= multiple outfits with minimal clothing to pack.

-12. Clothing Rolls

I learned the secret of the “clothing roll” back in my overnight summer camp days. Rolling clothing into neat balls really is a space saver when packing. And there is nothing like just being able to bring a carry-on, whether it be a plane, train or bus. Checking bags wastes so much time when traveling and who really wants to lug around a big suitcase anyway?

3. Imodium and Dramamine and Advil

I always have these items in my purse when traveling. You just never know when your body is going to go loopy from switching up its routine.

285673_10150933814773926_2061694245_n4. Drivers License/Passport and Cash

Depending on where you are traveling to, make sure you always have your drivers license or passport on you at all times. Especially if you are going out of the country, having both on you is always a good thing as well as photo copies of both items. Even Caribbean Islands require passports so make sure you bring it! (I once almost missed a flight for someone forgetting theirs) Also, my wallet was once stolen in London and having a photocopy of my license saved my life!

Cash is always good to have on you when traveling as well. I rarely carry around cash these days, but when I travel I make sure to have a little something just in case. You never know when a machine will be down or you’ll need to tip someone.

IMG_36145. Colorful Luggage or Tag

When you do have to check a bag, having a bright colored suitcase or unique tag/bow on your bag is so essential in finding your luggage at baggage claim. It makes life so much easier when you don’t have to pull off every black suitcase and check the name tag.

6. Phone Charger and book

Airports and various other travel ports are really great about having “charging stations.” Also many buses, trains, etc. have their own outlets equipped with their seats. Definitely a must to have in your carry-on when traveling. You never know when your battery is going to run out just when you need to be in touch with someone. I feel so handicapped in unfamiliar places with a dead phone nowadays.

But when your phone does die, a good old fashioned book will do the trick to entertain you. Not a Nook or Kindle, because that requires a charger too. You don’t want to be a hog at the charging station. Let your phone charge as you sit back and relax with a book.

7. Scarves!

I always travel with a scarf on. Since temperatures always fluctuate on planes, trains etc., scarves are lightweight enough to store in a bag and warm enough to serve as a blanket. Not to mention, scarves always make outfits that much cuter. ;-)

166736_10152670656770317_1651063085_n8. Go with the flow

From canceled flights, to broken down buses, to delayed trains— you never know what is going to happen when traveling. From experience, the best thing you can do is just sit back, relax and laugh it off. Once you’ve purchased your ticket and stepped into the station it’s all out of your hands from there. Enjoy the adventure. Traveling is always a story.

Candy Colored Hair


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Let’s be honest, not many people can pull off this pastel colored hair look. My sister however, managed to make it look stylish and chic without looking too outrageous or too punk. In fact, it looks like cotton candy! Her naturally blond hair took the temporary hair dye nicely and it should only last about a week without damage (fingers crossed). To go with the new hair, this was her outfit selection for a concert look. Crop top with lip designs from American Apparel, black torn high waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters and two-toned high top Converse All Star’s. Voila!



Many might say I get my sense of style and my love of clothes from my mom. While my mom and I can butt heads about each others fashion choices, most of the time she’s spot on. Which is why this week’s Fashion Friday feature is on my inherently stylish mom.


I must say, when she walked out in this casual outfit the other day I was stunned. I usually only see her dressed up for work or in Birkenstock’s walking the dog (sorry did I just give away that unfashionable secret?). The middle ground, the casual-cute “just running errands” kind of look, is not a normal outfit I see my mom wearing. She nailed it. IMG_8572 IMG_8574

I couldn’t stop asking her where she got her clothes! Me! Asking my mom where she bought her clothes.

Boyfriend jeans- C.Wonder

Sandals- Charlotte Russe

Peasant top- a boutique in Maine

Bracelet- also a boutique in Maine

Watch- Nordstrom

Well done mom! And if you find these items missing from your closet…you’ll know where to look!



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